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Located in  Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The EnergyStore is your source for renewable energy products.

Let our team of professionals help you get the most from your installation.

Our retail location has expanded to show off all the latest products. Come in and see what solar panels look like up close. Get the latest on off-grid solutions or come by and talk to an Energy Specialists about how we can help reduce your energy costs.

We offer:  

  • Off-Grid Products for Homes, Cabins, Boats and RV’s
  • Power Products for Specialized and Display Vehicles
  • Power Products for Utility and Service Vehicles
  • Portable and Backup Power Systems
  • Solar Water Pumping
  • Solar Lighting
  • Customized Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Tax & Rebate Information
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Estimates

*** While we do not install all of these solutions we have developed a network of qualified installers and electricians that can have you up and saving in no time.

Featured Products

50 Amp PowerLink Connector


50 Amp SB Connector .
10/12,8 Gauge, 50 amp Dual Connector Kit Includes: (2) Housings and (4) 10/12 Gauge Contacts or (4) 6/8 Gauge contacts