SOLUS™ 20 Evacuated Tube Solar Collector Kit (Closeout Special)

$1,395.00 $799.00

Approximately 8.6 kW/day (29,200 Btu/day) Kit Includes: Manifold, Evacuated Tubes & Heat Pipes, Standard Flush Mount Frame, Tube Caps and Fittings.

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Introducing SOLUS™, a 20-tube collector designed for a family of 1-3.


  • SRCC Certified for full tax credits
  • Each manifold manufactured with durable aluminum casing and high performance insulation.
  • Reliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated tubes
  • Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer
  • “Dry Socket Connection” Tubes can be replaced without draining the system.
  • Simplistic plug-in installation
  • Tubes passively track the sun
  • 30% more efficient than traditional flat plate collectors
  • Can be used in a closed loop or drain back system
  • Aluminum frame
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Ideal for residential and commercial solar water heating applications
  • 15 year limited warranty

SOLUS™ is one of the highest performing solar vacuum tube collectors in the world. The vacuum inside each double wall tube provides perfect insulation and therefore protects the system from cold, wet and windy conditions. In addition to domestic hot water, the superior performance of a SOLUS™ vacuum tube collector can also provide central heating support for standard or under floor heating, specialized industrial hot water heating for high temperature applications and solar cooling.

SOLUS™ solar thermal collectors work in all weather—they do not need direct sunlight to operate. That’s because our solar tubes take advantage of diffuse radiation, as well as direct radiation, delivering the sun’s energy even on cold, cloudy or foggy days.

The key is a vacuum tube – the outside air temperature has little influence. This means you can get hot water even in bad weather and add heat to a tank that is already hot.