Nightbuster 5W 12V LED Flood Light

$139.00 $109.46

Operating cost of less than $6.00 per year, IF YOU NEVER TURN IT OFF!


The 5-watt led package provides illumination comparable to a 13-watt compact fluorescent and can be used in applications which presently use 13-watt CFL’s (which actually use 17 watts with ballast load). That’s a savings of 12 watts annually which works out to over $7.00 per fixture. The proven housing of black ABS and polycarbonate lens provide durable protection for the led package and assure long product life cycle and low cost-of-ownership. Gasketted lens keeps bugs and water out and the super-tough swivel head is the heaviest in the industry to win the battle against weed-wackers and landscaping personnel. In the unlikely event of failure, the led light source is replaceable without dismantling the fixture and is warranted tor two years

Applications: Sign lighting, small area lighting, landscape accent, security and anywhere a small wattage, efficient light source is required.


(*) Housing: Molded black ABS; white, bronze or green available by special order.

(*) Lens: Molded polycarbonate

(*) Light Source: 5-1watt SMD LEDs

(*) Voltage: 12 VDC

(*) Lumen Output: 600

Because all the light is aimed OUTWARD, it is more efficient than conventional lamps.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 4 x 8 in