1.1 kW Grid-Tie Kit


A complete kit, Made in the USA, 100 MPH Wind Load Rating

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SunVolt™ Solar Kits

Kit Includes:

(4) Suniva 275W Solar Modules
M250-60-2LL-S22 Micro Inverters
IEMU-03 Energy Management Unit
(5) 240 VAC-P Trunk Cable Connector Kit (ea)
Cable Install Kit (1 End 1 Caps 1 Disconnect
Enphase Engage Coupler
(4) Micro-Inverter Gnd. & Attachment Kits
MN-SPD (Surge Protection Device)
Disconnect 30A
Label Kit

* AC wire from pole to electric service panel not included.

** Additional Disconnect may be required near the electric service entrance, check with your local code official for requirements.


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Roof Mount Kit, Pole Mount Kit, Ground Mount Kit