Solar Attic Fans

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Thermal Snap Switch

$24.95 $19.20

Thermal Snap Switch.
Designed to keep your Natural Light Solar Attic Fan from operating when your attic temperature is 70˚ F or below.


Fire Safety Cutoff Switch

$24.95 $19.20

Fire Safety Cutoff Switch.
Designed to help stop the spread of house attic fires during daytime fan operation by shutting down the fan


Optional Radiation Damper

$59.95 $48.00

Optional Radiation Damper. Required in some locations to protect against fire and heat radiation (check local building codes)


Solar Attic Fan (Curb Mounted)


Curb Mounted Flat Roof –

Venting Capacity:

24 watt: up to 1,339 cfms (2,100 sf)
36 watt: up to 1,628 cfms (2,625 sf)
60 watt: up to 1,995 cfms (3,255 sf)