If you are looking for the opportunity start a business in the renewable energy industry or already have a renewable energy business and need a reliable source for product, you’ve came to the right place.

  • A Full Range of Collectors, Parts, Accessories
  • Pre-configured systems
  • Just in time supply
  • Complete Training
  • Engineering & Design Services

Wholesale Purchasing Requirements:

We require that all applicants posses a valid business license as well as resale permit or obtain both within 30 days of their application.

All applicants must operate from a physical address and possess a working telephone number, email address, fax machine and computer with an Internet connection. A PO box is ok for mailing purposes but a physical address must be indicated on the the wholesale application. Home based businesses are fine but you should make your physical address available to your customers.

That’s it, we’re here to help you with the rest.


Wholesale Application pdf

In addition to this form, we will need a copy of the E-595E pdf

Fill it out, send it to us and you are on your way.

Be sure to sign your application and e-mail or fax it to (336) 896-0089

Applications are usually approved within 24-48 hours